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Labolight Duo

Labolight Duo LED dual-mode light curing unit for indirect composite techniques


The days when you needed two curing devices in your laboratory are now a thing of the past.
GC is now offering a state of the art multi-functional light curing device for the technician combining 2 curing modes:
pre-curing (step mode) and final curing (full mode).

The double wave length LED technology ensures optimal hardening of all light cured dental materials, while the high power outlet reduces light curing cycles.

The Labolight DUO is not only capable of handling most of your work, it looks good as well.
The award winning sleek, contemporary styling with smooth surfaces allows for easy cleaning and reduces the space it takes in your lab.

This design serves the usability:
the interface is very simple and intuitive and the inner parts are easily accessible thanks to the wide opening.
The reflective plate and the automated rotary system distribute all light effectively and expose your works from all sides.



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